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Nancy's 1993 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo

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The owner of this car called me saying that someone recommended our shop to her as a shop who really cares. So Nancy told me the sad story of her 1993 Supra, which she bought brand new, drove for a while, and then sadly parked in the garage for a number of years. When we spoke the Supra had not been started, or driven in more than a decade!! So the car needed a total refresh of everything that could dry rot, or get old. After a few phone calls to become comfortable with sending her car to a shop she did not know ~3 hrs away, Nancy sent her pride and joy to Offcamber for our special kind of love! As you can see from the album, we had a lot of work in front of us. If you do not know, the 2JZ-GTE motor is a very complicated piece of machinery! After some careful analysis, and ordering a stack of parts, fluids, filters, etc, our team jumped on bringing this beauty back to life. I am happy to report, that the car purs like a kitten, and drives like a bat out of hell! Nancy drove up to the shop on a fine Friday morning, and after hugging everyone in the shop, drove her toy back to her home ~3hrs away.

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