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E36 Race Car build

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OCA received Brian’s car as a rolling chassis which allowed us to fully build this car from the ground up to dominate on the track.  For starters, the soul of the car needed to be installed, our personal favorite the S52! Second on the list was to sort out suspension; adjustable coilovers were installed front and rear to provide the best chassis response under harsh track driving. Performance is what we do best at OCA but safety does not fall short either. For Brian’s car our team fabricated a custom OCA spec'd full cage - This cage not only envelopes the driver in a steel tube cacoon, but also stiffens the chassis for improved handling.  Schroth belts were installed to keep the driver ( & coach) comfortably "one" with the race buckets.   The interior of the car was finished off in a sexy gloss white finish along with the cage. After finishing off all the odds and ends of this build the only thing left was the orange white and black banner that strikes fear in the hearts of many, letting them know this is an OffCamber built car.  -- Beware the Black car!  

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