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Snow Day at OCA

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Snow Day at OCA

Hello my friends,

  Hope this post finds you nice and warm in your house.  Here in the NorthEast we have been hit by a HUGE snow storm.  Everything is shut down.  Today gave me the gift of time so that I could finally do a quick blog post.  I have not posted in some time, not due to a lack of happening here at OCA, no my friends, just the opposite!  We have been buried (blessed) with tons of work.  Everything from multiple full on race car builds to normal street car maintenance.  

Mixed in with all of this is the BIG news that Offcamber has finally found a new home.  Up to now we have been renting the back warehouse from our friend Bob Zecca at Driving Impressions.  A Big Thank you to our friend Bob for renting us this space!  Our reputation as a quality shop that really cares for all cars has grown, and with that our business.  We are at the point where this space is no longer large enough to house OCA.  So for the past several months we have been looking for a new site.  We wanted to find the perfect combination of location, an feel of a new home.  I believe that when you come and visit our new place, you will agree that we made the right decesion.  The move will happen over the next 30 days.  Have not fear we will be fully operational for the vast majority of this time.  The new shop is only about 2 miles east of our current location.  I will post more as the construction moves forward.  We are SUPER Excited for the new location, and will have a grand opening once the site is ready to go.  Watch our social media for dates.

The other big news is that OCA is in the process of building our very own Endurance Racer.  Of course the only logical choice was an E36 M3!  This car has been going through surgery for months now, and once done will be a totally restored race car. Everything in the car is brand new!  Look for the car debut later this month.  Our furst Endurance race will be at Watkins Glen on the weekend of April 21 - 23.

A Side view of the cage

Front view of the cage

Rear Trailing arm reinforcements welded in

Yes, we did it.. OffCamber Orange!

Rear Carrier with new Urethane bushings!

Offcamber will also be offering Trackside support, as well as Arrive and Drive for our customers this season.  For a small group of folks, we will also be offering storage at our new shop.  Please call the shop if you are interested in any of these services.

Track season is fast approaching, so if you need help with your car, please call the shop to get yourself on the schedule.

That's all for now,

Be Fast, and Safe!

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