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Japan trip, and DelVal NJMP Race / DE Weekend - 8/24/2016

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Good Morning my friends..  What a whirlwind month this has been!  I spent 2 weeks in Japan that was amazing.. If you have not been to Japan, I highly reccomend it! What an incredible country, and people.  I spent time in Tokyo, seeing the temples, the times square of Tokyo, the center for Anime, and video games, and of course trying the food.  The food is Japan is consistanly excellent!  Everyone takes pride in what they do.  (Just like at OCA, where we take pride in everything that we do)  We also went to a sumo match.  It was very cool seeing these big men move so fast.  I made a lot of new friends while I was over there.  Don't be surprised if one day there is a Tokyo branch of OCA!

Taking a pic with a SUMO wrestler!


The "Times Square" of Tokyo

Akihabara - The center of Anime & Video games!

I got back from my trip on a Tuesday night, was in the shop for 1 day, and then it was off to NJMP for DelVal BMW's Race and Drivers school weekend.  OCA sponsored a pizza party on Friday evening at the track. All students, and racers attending on Friday were invited to join. As you can see from the pics, folks were drawn to the room by the smell of hot pizza and cold drinks!

The crowd assembles for hot pizza!

One of Offcamber's sponsored race cars, car # 923, driven by Rob M. raced this weekend. Rob's alternator passed away on Friday, but OCA's trackside support team was there to replace the unit, and save the day.  OCA offers multiple trackside support packages, If you need trackside support for a weekend, pleaes give us a shout!

Rob's car getting some OCA Love from the trackside support team!

Rob on the grid getting ready to go out!

Rob going out on Track!

Rob went on to take a 3rd overall, and third in CM over the weekend, go Rob!  Rob has been getting faster, and faster every race.  We are very proud of his progress, and love watching the OCA built race engine, and OCA setup car getting faster and faster.

On the DE side, OCA had several customers driving various cars this weekend. Some drivers were back after a 10 year break. All cars ran flawlessly over the hot weekend. As typical the OCA team was running around the paddock all weekend helping folks with their car issues.  If you ever have an mechanical issue with your car at an event that we are at, please come over to the OCA trailer.  We also offer trackside support if your car has a mechanical, and you do not wish to do the wrenching.

Also, OCA has outgrown our current facility, so we are looking for a new one in the area, watch out for a move announcement soon!

Until next time my friends, enjoy the drive!


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