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GVC BMW CCA Club race and school.9/30/16 - 10/2/16

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Genesse Valley BMW CCA's Fall club race and drivers school is always a well attended event.  This time, Offcamber Autosport was going to attend this event in force.  A number of our customers were attending the driving school, and some even racing.  In order to provide sufficient support, we decided to bring the entire team up to the Glen for an OCA field trip.  Since OCA does everything with style, planning for this event started weeks before.  We wanted to create a comfortable environment for our customers to relax inbetween sessions.  So the plan was to have a large tent with tables for gear, and chairs for our customers.  We also planned to have reserved parking spots in the paddock for our folks.  Offcamber would also provide breakfast, and lunch.  We even had tea/coffee and Espresso for our folks!  (proper caffination is important!)

Reserved Parking for OCA Customers at the Glen!

Look at them noses!

Chuck taking his beatiful M2 out!  (Look closely who is instructing him!!)

Sardil's track beast.. Keep an eye on her as she progresses to a full blown race car..

Brian's beautiful E36 M3 -- Another E36 going down the race car path...

Mohammad's beatiful GT4!

And yes, a shot of Mo's race car...

At offcamber Autosport, we LOVE our customers, and our customers know that making the car life simple and easy for them is one of our mission statments.  To start the weekend off correctly, our techs took the customer cars through the tech line.  Our customers simply went over to registration, and did their paperwork while our techs waited in line, and took the cars through.  Each of the cars were technically reviewed before each track session to assure safety.  If tires needed to be changed, our techs took care of that as well.

The not so fun part... Lugging wheels/tires to the car--- Have no fear OCA is here!

From Wets to Dry's over and over again..  

Lou was Thankful that the OCA team was there to do all of this work for him!

One of our customers who races a E92 M3 race car was racing that weekend, so he needed a greater lever of support than the driver schools folks.  We checked and adjusted tire pressures during practice, and qualifying sessions, changed tires, brought the car to grid for him, and communicated with him while he was on track.

Damian parking Lou's car on grid

The start of the sprint race, Go Lou!!

Lou comming in after a semi-wet session...

Listen to that V8 sing!!

The weather was typical GLEN..  Sunny one moment, and pouring rain the next.  The team faithfull swapped tires for everyone over and over again.  (sometimes in the pouring rain)  At the end of the weekend, everyone had driven in multiple grip conditions, and sometimes with multiple sets of tires!  It was a good weekend for all who attended.  I want to personally thank my entire team, Amtul, Adam, Matt, and Damian for all of their hard work this weekend-- It is because of you guys that OCA is growing!  Also Big Thanks to Ron, and James for taking the amazing pictures!  Thanks!

Until next time my friends,

Be Safe, and Fast!

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