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Another day, another build. Off Camber Autosport has turned out yet another impressive build from their humble skunkworks. What was once a simple case of naturally aspirated boxer goodness is now a tire slaying, escargot powered monster.

Mo Karamat, the owner of Off Camber met Jason at Summit Point Motorsports Park earlier this year, and quickly got the feeling that the humble Toyo-baru as it rolled out of the factory was going to need more than just a few bolt ons. Being a project car, not everything was finished all at once, but certainly was put to a very impressive start. As time goes on, the car will begin to lose its interior in favor of a complete roll cage, as well as a complete fire suppression system.

If you don’t know the tuner community of the FR-S very well, you may think that expecting to double the horsepower of the factory motor is going to be a tall order, but the future of this car is turning in a very different direction. Is an SCCA Unlimited title out of the question? With a forged and balanced 800 horsepower capable block, the answer is certainly no. The also forged rotating assembly is backed up by a high performance valvetrain, fueled by a set of Bosch 1000cc fuel injectors, and force fed by a Garrett GTX30 turbocharger.

Supported by a list of custom parts meticulously hand picked by Adam, Off Camber’s shop foreman and chief engine builder, the early dyno runs of the car couldn’t have gone better. Making over 400 wheel horsepower on a tune that was still rough around the edges meant that this car is ready to play with the big kids on the track. Of course, no build is without it’s hiccups, as the Subaru sourced boxer 4 motor is nothing short of a major headache when being juiced for this kind of power.

Considering the motor uses both port and direct injection in order to get the most out of it’s burn, the very first successful start of the motor was not easy at all. As with any turbocharged car, the shutdown process is equally drawn out, and nowhere near as simple as parking in the garage, turning it off, and then running inside for the night, the engine needs to idle for a few minutes in order to cool down before everything comes to a halt. Nobody ever said building a racecar was about convenience.

In the future, this FR-S is going to need a built transmission, an upgraded rear differential, and a slew of other racing and safety equipment, but for now, Jason will be running the car in SCCA events and until it gets gutted, likely prowling the streets of his Delaware hometown. The FR-S may look close to stock on the outside, but underneath, it’s 100% business.

Check out video's of this monster on our Youtube channel.

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