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Mo Karamat

OffCamber Autosport is owned by Mo Karamat. Mo has always been a car lover since his first car, a 1977 Honda Civic 1800CC with a manual choke. Mo eventually went on to Datsun 280ZX, a 1987 Toyota Supra, and then finally his love of BMWs. Mo currently owns 3 E36 M3's, a few 325IXs, an X5 (with the 4.8i motor), an E30 M3, and a GMC truck. Mo was a corporate IT guy for 30 years, and recently gave in to his love of cars to finally open OffCamber as a full time performance shop. Mo is currently very active in the car scene. He is a certified instructor with BMW club, he teaches BMW CCA ITS (instructor training), and BMW CCA Race school. He is also a certified instructor with various other groups including Audi club, NASA, Hooked on Driving, and Porsche Club. He ran the TireRack/BMW Safety Foundation Teen Street Survival course in PA for many years. He is on the pro coaching staff of Monticello Motor Club, and actively competes in various race venues. (BMW, NASA, and AER)

Adam P.

Adam is our Shop Foreman and lead tech. Adam is a trained automotive tech with experience at MINI, BMW, and a few other shops. Adam is a car enthusiast as well. His current project car is a Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4, which he is finishing up a 600 WHP(on pump gas) twin turbo build. Adam is also a motorcycle enthusiast, and has owned several bikes over the years. (Did I mention, we work on bikes as well!)

Matt D

Matt is our newest star!  He started working on cars in his sophomore year of high school. (He wanted to take auto class so often that they almost certified him!)  After graduating he worked at an independant shop for 3 years.  From there it was off to a Lincoln dealership. Matt is another crazy car guy, having owned 8 cars and trucks already!  Currently he is building a 2002 Bmw 330ci race car with the plans of building the motor and putting a 60mm single turbo making around 600hp. While not playing with cars, he rides a 1992 Harley Davidson Softail. As you can see he is fits in with the rest of us quite well!  He also raced motocross for 10 years.  Not sure how I feel about this, but he is a huge drift enthusiast.  (We are converting him to a track guy!!)

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